76,000 Pounds Of Ribs Charred Way Before Their Time In Semi-Truck Fire

(Morton Fox)

What could’ve been. Oh, what could’ve been. (Morton Fox)

These days it would pay to have some kind of Spilled Food Alert app because seriously, it’s starting to sound like a misdirected barbecue out there: Following on the wheels of two different trucks that spewed beer and 40,000 pounds of chicken, respectively, another truck lost 76,000 pounds of ribs after catching fire over the weekend. Oh, the waste.

The beer and chicken spills in Georgia would’ve gone nicely with this most recent impromptu beef rib cookout in California.

It took authorities two hours to reopen westbound lanes of a freeway after the semi-truck’s flaming disaster, reports The San Bernardino County Sun.

The grilling started when the rear trails of the trailer went up in flames around 6 p.m. Saturday night. By the time firefighters had stopped at the store for sides (kidding, kidding), the truck had separated from the trailer, which was fully engulfed in flames.

Despite the likely disappointment of rib lovers over such a waste, firefighters said this was no ordinary truck fire.

It was just what you’d see from other fires except that there was a “wonderful BBQ beef rib odor to it,” the fire department’s report read.

The overly crispy ribs met their ultimate demise after 6,500 gallons of water was dumped on the fire to extinguish it over the course of two hours. No word on whether any attempt was made to rescue even one poor little edible rib.

76,000 pounds of beef ribs burn in Ludlow big rig fire [San Bernardino County Sun]

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