It’s Customary To Leave The Meth In Your Pocket & The Cash On The Table When Tipping

Listen, people, if you can’t binge watch TV shows responsibly, someone should probably revoke your Netflix privileges. That’s the kind of joke we have to make when we hear that a couple in Oregon left their waitress methamphetamine as a tip. Even Jesse wouldn’t do that. Or he would. But whatever, real life is not Breaking Bad life.

As upsetting though it may be to realize your life is not a popular TV show starring Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, keep some singles on your person when it comes time to show your server gratitude. Maybe a lack of cash is the reason this twosome allegedly left an envelope of meth on the table along with their payment, reports the Daily Astorian.

Police spoke to the waitress who explained that she found a “crystal-like” substance in the envelope when they paid the tab for their drinks early one morning.

When cops arrived on the scene the stuff was deemed to be meth and the couple was arrested. Authorities say the woman had a large quantity of the drug in her purse as well.

And when cops found the couple’s car and motel, guess what they found there? Yup, more meth, say police, and charged the man with possession of meth, manufacture and delivery of meth, while the woman was arrested for possession of meth, manufacture and delivery of meth.

Next time, a couple singles will do just fine.

Here’s a tip: Don’t reward your Seaside waitress with meth [Daily Astorian]

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