Rumor: T-Mobile Will Pay Your Whole Family’s Early Termination Fee If You Switch

13545331052531331725Update: The rumor is true! We’re leaving the original post up for the record. This afternoon, T-Mobile has a big announcement planned this afternoon for the assembled nerds at CES in Las Vegas. That announcement? They’re not saying. But a mysterious banner ad started to run on tech sites this morning, and that ad leads to a site that isn’t yet live. That ad promises to pay early termination fees with your current carrier for your entire family if you switch to T-Mobile.

Spotted by the site Droid Life, the banner ad leads to an auspicious-looking URL that isn’t yet live:

How much are they going to pay? What are the specific requirements? We don’t have any specifics yet: all will be revealed after 3:30 Eastern time today, and/or whenever T-Mobile flips the switch for that website.

If this program sounds familiar, that’s because AT&T recently announced a similar one specifically targeted at current T-Mobile customers. Kind of. T-Mo customers can trade in their old phones for up to $250, and get a $200 credit to their AT&T bill meant to offset any early termination fees they might have to pay at T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Ads Confirm UnCarrier 4 Plans: Pay ETFs for Families Who Transfer [Droid Life] (via Gizmodo)

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