UPS Driver Forced To Take Shelter Behind FedEx Truck In Midst Of Angry Turkey Attack

I imagine the rivalry between UPS and FedEx drivers to be some kind of Mad Max road rage, with dueling drivers trying to run each other down on the mean streets. But when a UPS driver was faced with a grumpy turkey he didn’t even hesitate to run for the shelter of a nearby FedEx truck. And of course, someone caught it all on camera.

We’re sure delivery drivers have faced worse foes than a ticked off turkey but it seems his defensive moves aren’t particularly attuned to fowl.

The workers at a Minnesota hospital who filmed this slice of life make no bones about delightfully funny the whole thing is, as the driver attempts to shoo the bird with a bit of fabric before making a run for it on the far side of the FedEx truck.

There’s really not much else he can, after shouting promises that he won’t ever eat turkey ever again on Thanksgiving, of course. It’s unclear whether he tried that tack, but he does finally make it back into the safety of his own vehicle.

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