FedEx Driver Figures He Might As Well Shoot Some Hoops In Home’s Driveway

Attention, delivery drivers: Though you might think it’s a good time to work on your basketball skills when customers aren’t home, they could be waiting just behind the curtains, ready to catch you in action and giggle as you miss most of those shots.

A YouTube video posted this morning with the description, “When the FedEx man at your house thinks no one is home!” shows a delivery truck parked at the edge of a driveway with a basketball hoop, and a man in what appears to be a FedEx uniform lobbing a few balls toward the basket.

He could probably use some more homes equipped with hoops, we must say, as he misses three out of four shots before finally sinking the last one. Practice makes perfect, right?

The best part of the video might just be the disembodied voice giggling as the footage is filmed from behind the curtains of the home, apparently so as not to scare the driver away from his practice.

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