Pizza Hut Puerto Rico Adds Bacon To Pools Of Cheese On Crust

pizza-hut-puerto-rico-bacon-cheesy-crust-pizzaYou might not know that the Cheeseburger Pizza that Pizza Hut has put on the menu in some of its international restaurants has an American cousin. It’s true! It’s called Crazy Cheesy Crust, and lacks the mini burger patties, but has the same vague flower-ish shape. The cheesy monstrosity also has a cousin in Puerto Rico, the with one important difference: the cheesy crust pools can come with bacon.

Yep. Bacon. Bloomberg Businessweek had fanned this particular flame when the Crazy Cheesy Crust first came out, telling us all that if the crust succeeded, the chain would consider adding things like bacon to the crust nationwide.

Is this introduction in Puerto Rico an indication of a nationwide rollout…or, as the above graphic implies, a special thing for Christmas? Feliz Navidad, indeed.

Around the World: Pizza Hut Puerto Rico Makes Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza Better with Bacon [Brand Eating]

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