Watch A GameStop Employee Go Apes&*t About Annoying Customers

The Internet has given new life to a nearly 4-year-old video of a GameStop employee’s screaming, box-tossing, not exactly ethnically sensitive rant, in which he loudly vents about those pesky customers that make his job such a pain in the rear-end.

Someone on Reddit has resurrected the above brief video — which is probably NSFW, depending on your place of business so we recommend busting out the headphones — begins with a joking but tense discussion of meeting certain sales goals for the day, then quickly devolves into reenactments of aggravating customer behavior.

“I got no goals, you know why?” asks the employee. “Because I got 10-year-olds running around the store… [semi-intelligible screaming and tossing of random video game cases into the air].”

He then puts on an exaggerated accent to impersonate “Mexican” customers who apparently really want to play FIFA soccer games, at least according to this guy.

The short clip ends with the surreal image of, what is presumably another GameStopper… doing jumping jacks.

As some on the Reddit thread have pointed out, there is something very George Costanza-like about the whole scenario. Serenity now, little Georgie… serenity now.

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