Mall Santa Accused Of Groping Elf Co-Worker Due In Court Christmas Eve

In a story that seems to be ripped from the North Pole’s headlines, a mall Santa Claus has been ordered to stay away from his place of seasonal employment after allegations that he groped a coworker over the weekend. According to some reports, it appears that the 18-year-old woman he’s accused of harassing was playing an elf.

The Massachusetts man has been barred from the shopping center after pleading not guilty this week to indecent assault and battery, reports the Associated Press.

Cops say the woman called on Saturday and said the man had pinched her bottom and made suggestive comments. They worked together at the Santa photo booth, but it’s not absolutely certain that she worked as an elf.

The 62-year-old sports his own white bushy beard to play Santa, but he won’t be able to take that selling point to any other venue — the judge also barred him from acting as Santa anywhere else until his case has been resolved. He’s due in court on Dec. 24, Christmas Eve.

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