Xbox Owner Tracks Down Stolen Device After Thief Goes Online To Use It

Image courtesy of (Ron Dauphin)

Sometimes it’s not enough for thieves to simply steal your electronics — they apparently just have to use them afterwards as well. Which can turn out to be a very good thing that they do if it helps owners track down their stolen tablets, phones or in this case, game consoles.

After his Xbox was stolen during a home burglary in Nashville, the owner logged into his account and used it to find out what the suspect who allegedly took it was doing, reports WSMV-TV.

He figured out the person’s name by chatting with the friends the suspect had made in an online chat room ostensibly linked to the Xbox use, and then took that name to the police.

Once the police had a name they went cruising on Fcebook and found even more interesting information — photos of the stolen items for sale right there on the page.

Police were then able to nab the suspect during a traffic stop. He was arrested and will probably swear off gaming forever.

Victim tracks down suspect through stolen Xbox [WSMV-TV]

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