Lucky Guy Is Probably The Only Person Going To Game 1 Of The World Series For $6

Image courtesy of (Drew_Pion_Photos)

On the one hand, it’s pretty darn awesome and amazing that a guy was able to buy a ticket to Game 1 of the World Series for only $6 on StubHub. But it’s also a bit sad for whoever listed that ticket, as it was probably — okay, most definitely — a mistake.

Yesterday a Deadspin reader wrote in with screengrabby evidence that he had indeed purchased and printed out his ticket to the first game of the series between the Boston Red Sox and the St. Louis Cardinals at Fenway Park for a measly $6.

It would appear that the seller misplaced the decimal on the listing, as other tickets in that section start at $759 and only go up from there.

The ticket itself was only $3, but what with fees and whatnot, the final price is still less than what I paid for someone to deliver soup to my apartment last night.

Have fun at the game, guy — and to the seller, well, next time be a bit more careful.

Man Buys Ticket To Game 1 Of World Series For $6 On StubHub [Deadspin]

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