McDonald’s Confirms Switch To Pricier “Dollar Menu & More”

In September, we told you that McDonald’s was mulling over a plan to hedge on the whole Dollar Menu thing by breaking the dollar barrier on some items while adding more expensive offerings and renaming it “Dollar Menu and More.” Now the fast food mega-chain has confirmed that a dollar just doesn’t buy you what it used to at the Golden Arches.

According to reports, most of the items on this revamped menu will remain below two dollars, but there will be offerings — like $2 burgers and 20-piece McNuggets for $5 — that would have been very out of place on the old Dollar Menu.

The hope, reports the AP, is to show customers a wider range of relatively inexpensive items, rather than just pushing the bottom-dollar offerings currently on the Dollar Menu. The cheap items will appeal to financially “stressed” consumers but the inclusion of some other, more expensive options might lure an extra few bucks out of their wallets.

Since being introduced about ten years ago, the Dollar Menu has accounted for around 13-15% of sales.

As we pointed out back when this news first reared its head, McDonald’s customers in some areas — particularly in densely populated cities — have found the Dollar Menu name laughable for years, with franchisees frequently charging much more than $1.00 for items.

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