Our Favorite Hot MP3 Player From 2005 Still On Walmart Shelves

In our recurring Raiders of the Lost Walmart series, we’ve become slightly obsessed with the MobiBLU MP3 player. That’s the tiny, cube-shaped music device that hit stores in 2005 and, for some reason, is still on the shelves at a comically high price. Every time a reader submits a new one, we wonder how this is even possible.

It’s cute and tiny and all, but at almost $110, a terrible deal. Even marked down to $60, it’s still a terrible deal.

Unaware that the device has become a recurring series on this site, reader David sent in this photo.


Since someone inevitably claims that maybe Raiders photos were really taken in 2007, here’s a larger view of the price tag:


Don’t forget that it includes free downloads from the Walmart music store, which shut down in 2008, deactivating the digital rights management on customers’ purchases along the way.

From an older photo, here are the amazing specifications of the MobiBLU:


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