This Exists: Taco Bell Brand Make Your Own Choco Taco Kit

Have you always secretly dreamed of making your own dessert tacos at home? …No, neither had we, until Taco Bell turned it into an option available to every consumer, right on our grocery store shelves. Since today isn’t just Friday but also National Taco Day, you can celebrate by picking up this kit. But do you want to?

Only you can answer that question for yourself, but we checked in with some of our favorite online junk food experts: the people who fearlessly taste new food products that everyone else on the Internet pretends that they never eat.

Junk Food Guy dove in first, a month ago. He was disappointed to note that aspiring taco-makers must bring their own ice cream, but that’s probably to be expected when the kit only costs $3 and makes six tacos.

How’s the nutrition? As Junk Food Guy points out, “The Taco Bell Chocolate Taco Dessert Kit says that once the taco is prepared, it only has 260 calories. Well, not if you stuff in 4 scoops of ice cream, like I plan to…”

Kit contents, by Junk Food Guy

Kit contents, by Junk Food Guy

Good features:

  • It’s a taco shell you can stuff ice cream into. And sprinkles.
  • Ice cream.
  • Ice cream.
  • Designing your own choco taco is fun.


  • The shell tastes kind of weird on its own, since chocolate and mass-produced corn taco shells don’t necessarily go together intuitively. There isn’t much chocolate flavor to them, but what flavor you can detect is weird.
  • The shell is incredibly fragile. This makes assembly difficult unless you have the hands of a surgeon, and…
  • …They’re messy to eat. The Impulsive Buy’s review warns to be careful unless you want to eat chocolate nachos instead, and to eat over a plate, “or sneak into a stranger’s house where you don’t have to clean up after yourself.”
Choco Nachos

(Choco Nachos by Junk Food Guy)

  • You have to buy ice cream and whipped cream to reproduce the taco on the box.

Could you choco your own tacos? You could probably melt fine chocolate in a double boiler, coat a regular taco shell with it, and sprinkle it with your favorite toppings. That would probably be even more fun, but for food items like this, the mess they make is proportional to their deliciousness.

If you’re looking for a quick and fun Taco Night dessert and are already in Walmart, though, this might work for your family. Otherwise? Spend the $3 on some more interesting toppings.

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