Would-Be Armed Robbers Learn Not To Mess With Bingo Players

When you think about it, the combination of volunteer labor and piles of cash means that It’s kind of surprising bingo games don’t get robbed more often. A game at a New Hampshire church was going normally when two men entered the office and pointed a gun at the volunteers. He asked them to fill it with cash. 

Cash is certainly in supply during a bingo game: CBS Boston reports that there was $15,000 on hand at the church. The father-and-son robbery team came to the office and demanded that workers fill an insulated lunch bag with money. Evidently not a career criminal, he set his gun down in order to grab more money, giving one of the volunteers the opportunity to grab it.

“I just jumped up and yelled ‘Mother (expletive) you’re mine now’ and I just went to town on him and I took him out,” the volunteer recounted.

While volunteers detained him, the man tried to free himself by claiming that he had a bomb. He did not.

Normally, police advise employees not to engage in thrilling heroics with armed robbers, but that presumes that the criminals are halfway competent. The robbers were arrested, and the church bingo only made payouts to the actual winners.

NH Bingo Volunteers Fight Back When Father, Son Attempt To Rob Hall [CBS Boston]

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