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Convenience Store Clerk Shames Would-Be Robber Into Apologizing

Proving that a guilty conscience can be a powerful thing, a convenience store clerk in South Carolina shamed an armed man who was trying to rob the store into backing out of the dastardly deed. [More]

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Armed Robberies Of Delivery Drivers A Growing Problem In Chicago

Delivery drivers have trucks full of valuable, brand-new merchandise, and don’t have a lot of visible security protection. That may be the reason why delivery drivers for the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, and Amazon have recently been the targets of burglars, armed robbers, and even carjackers on Chicago’s South Side. [More]

Popeyes Manager Fired After Armed Robbery Returns To Work Tomorrow, Announces Plans To Sue

Popeyes Manager Fired After Armed Robbery Returns To Work Tomorrow, Announces Plans To Sue

Last week, we shared the story of a Popeyes shift manager who was fired after an armed robbery while she was on duty. Depending on whether you ask the manager or the franchisee, she was fired for refusing to pay back the $400 taken in the robbery, or for keeping too much money in the cash drawer at a time. After the story made headlines nationwide, she received a job offer and an apology from the store’s owner, and says that she plans to sue for emotional distress. [More]


Would-Be Armed Robbers Learn Not To Mess With Bingo Players

When you think about it, the combination of volunteer labor and piles of cash means that It’s kind of surprising bingo games don’t get robbed more often. A game at a New Hampshire church was going normally when two men entered the office and pointed a gun at the volunteers. He asked them to fill it with cash.  [More]

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Mystery Man Visits Grocery, Confesses To Armed Robbery, Pays Store Back $400

It was kind of weird: a visitor to an Asian grocery/sandwich shop had an envelope in his hand that he would only give to the store’s owner. When the owner’s son hesitated, the mystery courier set the envelope down on the counter and left. The envelope contained $400 and a note, which confessed to an armed robbery of the shop a dozen years ago. [More]