Would-Be Armed Robbers Learn Not To Mess With Bingo Players

When you think about it, the combination of volunteer labor and piles of cash means that It’s kind of surprising bingo games don’t get robbed more often. A game at a New Hampshire church was going normally when two men entered the office and pointed a gun at the volunteers. He asked them to fill it with cash.  [More]


The Boy Who Cried “Bingo” Banned From Uttering The Word For 6 Months

You know that whole thing about how you can’t run into a theater and shout “fire” if there’s nothing on fire? That same exception to the First Amendment’s right to free speech holds for interrupting a perfectly good bingo game by screaming “BINGO!” if you haven’t, in fact, scored a bingo. An 18-year-old in Kentucky learned that lesson from the law after crying “bingo” last month. [More]

Now You Can Play Worst Company In America Comment Bingo!

Now You Can Play Worst Company In America Comment Bingo!

Regular readers of Consumerist comments have pointed out that you could set up a Bingo game based on oft-repeated sentiments, phrases, and gripes. Now, longtime commenter and all-around awesome human being catastrophegirl has created a set of Bingo cards just to play along with the Worst Company In America 2012 tournament! [More]