McDonald’s Manager Accused Of Robbing His Own Restaurant At Gunpoint

There are rough days at work, and then there are the rough days at work where your manager climbs through the drive-thru window and orders everyone into the freezer while he robs the joint. Law enforcement in California’s Bay Area say a McDonald’s manager used a gun to rob his own restaurant and another in the area.

The 42-year-old man allegedly first hit up his own place of employment at the end of August while wearing a white mask and wielding a small-caliber handgun, reports the Los Angeles Times.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, in that instance police say he came in through the drive-thru window and ordered all the workers into a freezer, taking an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police say he then moved on to another area Mickey D’s a few days later, using a replica handgun to employees to do his bidding.

“The suspect in this case entered the restaurant and pointed a revolver at employees, ordered them into the freezer and then held the manager at gunpoint while ordering him to open the cash register,” police officials said in a statement.

He was arrested driving away after that second heist and allegedly confessed to both robberies. His supervisor hasn’t said how his next performance review will go but we’re going to guess poorly.

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