Mystery Man Visits Grocery, Confesses To Armed Robbery, Pays Store Back $400

It was kind of weird: a visitor to an Asian grocery/sandwich shop had an envelope in his hand that he would only give to the store’s owner. When the owner’s son hesitated, the mystery courier set the envelope down on the counter and left. The envelope contained $400 and a note, which confessed to an armed robbery of the shop a dozen years ago.

“I hope you will accept this money and find forgiveness,” read the note. “Peace be with you. –Anonymous.”

What none of the reporting on this story has made clear is whether the mystery robber was ever caught, arrested, or punished for the crime. For their part, the store’s owners don’t seem to care either way. “We wish the person all the best. Took lots of courage for him to return to store. Hoping he will see our message to him,” the shop posted on their official Twitter. It’s not about the money, insists the owner: if it were, maybe he would want the $390 the stolen money would be if adjusted for inflation. Instead, the owner was touched that someone would return the cash and write and hand-deliver an apology.

Original note on Instagram [Instagram]
InterAsian Market Receives Apology Note, $300 From Person Who Robbed the Store 11 Years Ago [Nashville Scene] | Nashville News, Weather

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