Comcast: We Are Not Relocating NBC To Philadelphia

In the last few years, a lot of people (including yours truly) have fled New York City and headed 100 miles down the road to Philadelphia. At the same time, Philly-based cable colossus Comcast was buying NBC, apparently sparking rumors that it would take the broadcaster out of its longtime home at Rockefeller Center in Manhattan and insert it into the mammoth, gleaming USB drive that is the Comcast tower. But it just ain’t so, say the boys from Kabletown.

“We just bought 30 Rock,” a Comcast rep tells Philadelphia Business Journal’s Natalie Kostelni, referring to the NBC portion of Rockefeller Center (though it would be funnier if he meant that he’d just picked up a DVD set of 30 Rock, the recently ended Comcast-mocking Tina Fey sitcom). “We are not moving NBC’s headquarters from New York to Philadelphia.”

The rep pointed out that Comcast has also snapped up the CNBC studios in northern New Jersey while exiling NBC Sports to Stamford, CT.

Seems like the relocation rumors started when folks noticed that the developer who had built the towering Comcast Center snapped up the surface parking lot adjacent to Kabletown HQ, with the idea of erecting a 2-million-sq.-ft mixed-use development. Given that Comcast has already outgrown its current offices, such a building would provide ample space to relocate employees from NYC.

But it looks like NBC page Kenneth Ellen Parcells need not worry about making the move to Philadelphia anytime soon. Which is good, since he’s already so busy running the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

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