HSN Apparently Not Happy With “Skincare Solutions” Doctor Accused Of Buying Drugs

If you’re in the market for skincare products from the Home Shopping Network, you might be out of luck, as the company removed every trace of well-known host Dr. Sheldon Sevinor — and his products — from its website after the plastic surgeon’s arrest for allegedly buying cocaine. 

Page Six reports that HSN wiped away Sevinor’s presence from its site following his arrest last week after officers claim he bought drugs from a person under surveillance by police.

A landing page for “Sevinor Skincare Solutions” no longer showcases Sevinor’s smiling face, or the serums, facial masks, and other products he peddle on the channel.

Instead, the site displays the disclaimer: “We’re sorry the page you are looking for is not available.”

An archived webpage (left) shows Dr. Sevinor's products, while the site shows it is unavailable today (right).

An archived webpage (left) shows Dr. Sevinor’s products, while the site shows it is unavailable today (right).

According to ItemLive.com, Sevinor — who has been a guest on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Good Morning America” and “The View” — was arrested Sept. 20 during the undercover surveillance of a “well-known drug user.”

Police who were trailing the man, followed him to an area where Sevinor’s vehicle was parked. The two men talked, and then left the area, only to park together down the street.

ItemLive.com reports that Police allegedly saw the man they were following reach into Sevinor’s car, and then witnessed his hands come out and place something in his pants pocket. From that, officers believed they had just witnessed a drug transaction, officers say.

When officers pulled over Sevinor and asked him to exit the car, they allegedly found two vials of crack cocaine on the floor of the driver’s side of the car, and three additional “twists” on the ground outside the vehicle.

An attorney for Sevinor tells Page Six that the man was released on bail, surrendered his medical license, and announced his retirement.

A rep for HSN did not return comment to Page Six on the issue.

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