Dueling Ice Cream Vendors Resort To Violence

Summer is almost over, but ice cream turf wars are heating up. Heating up? Did I really just say that? Anyway, when two trucks tried to sell frozen treats in the same area of midtown Manhattan, things got ugly. Even though one was selling frozen yogurt and the other ice cream.

Police were called before true violence broke out, but one of the ice cream truck vendors did tear down the other’s vendor license and steal his ID. He told police that the other vendor pulled a knife on him.

The man accused of having a knife countered the accusation by punching his opponent in the face in front of police.

A well-polished scoop should be the only weapon you need in this business. Can’t we all just relax, sugar crash, and get along?

Ice cream truck drivers nearly come to blows in frozen treat tiff [New York Post]

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