Evil Ice Cream Truck Stalks Competition, Offers Customers Free Treats, Gets Arrested

If you come at the ice cream truck king of Gloversville, N.Y., you best not miss. When another mobile ice cream vendor dared wander onto his territory, the owner of a local frozen treat franchise wouldn’t stand for it. Police say that he tailed a rival’s truck, offering free ice cream to anyone who tried to make a purchase from the other vehicle. The ice cream man was determined to be the only turkey in this straw.

Eventually, he escalated from stealing business to harassment and threats of…well, probably more tailgating. He called the headquarters of the area’s dominant ice cream truck company, warning them, “I own this town!”

Now the owner and his girlfriend have been charged with harassment and misdemeanor stalking.

Ice cream man to rival: ‘I own this town’ [Times Union]

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