Police Crack Down On Pennsylvania Ice Cream Truck Turf War

Police had to give a stern lecture to a pair of dueling Uniontown, Penn. ice cream truck drivers who were apparently involved in an escalating battle over territory.

The Herald Standard reports the wife of one of the drivers said her husband’s rival tried to run him off the road. A patrolman tracked down the allegedly offending driver, who said it was the woman’s husband who tried to run him off the road, and not the other way around. The other driver’s wife said there had been several incidents between the two men.

Unfortunately, the officer did not speak to either driver’s mom.

The patrolman said he spoke to both drivers and told them they needed to sort things out or else face the possibility of the town revoking their permits.

Outside of the odd reference from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City or the movie Friday, ice cream truck drivers are genuinely not seen as turf-warring thugs. What’s the most gangsta impression someone from the profession has left on you?

Uniontown ice cream truck drivers have frosty battle [Herald Standard via AOL]

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