Can’t Decide If The Mac ‘n’ Cheese Martini Should Be Gobbled Or Slurped, Don’t Care

Am I hungry? Am I thirsty? Am I confused as to my state of bodily need when faced with an item that is both food and drink? Yes. I am bewildered, befuddled and totally flabbergasted by the fact that a Mac ‘n’ Cheese martini is a thing that exists in the same world and same plane of reality that I currently exist in and on.

BoingBoing’s Stephanie Thorpe snapped and snacked on this thing in the wild and set our brains a-reeling over here at Consumerist HQ, because what? How? What do you do with it?

She only serves to stir our curiosity more with her explanation:

But this, this Mac ‘n’ Cheese Martini, is the ironic singularity where smoked cheddar, bacon bits, elegance and simplicity meet. Tanginess and crunch with a thick cheesy sauce, tippled—manually, by the diner—with a drizzle of vodka.

So you can decide how much vodka you want? What does vodka and cheese taste like? Is it a specific kind of vodka — smoky or otherwise flavored? Thorpe gives it a thumbs up for presentation as well as taste, which means only one thing: Consumerist field trip to San Francisco to try this thing. If only, dear readers… if only.

Disgusting or delicious? The Mac and Cheese Martini reviewed [BoingBoing]

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