Can’t Decide If The Mac ‘n’ Cheese Martini Should Be Gobbled Or Slurped, Don’t Care

Am I hungry? Am I thirsty? Am I confused as to my state of bodily need when faced with an item that is both food and drink? Yes. I am bewildered, befuddled and totally flabbergasted by the fact that a Mac ‘n’ Cheese martini is a thing that exists in the same world and same plane of reality that I currently exist in and on. [More]

Martini… Shaken, Not Laced With Drain-O

Martini… Shaken, Not Laced With Drain-O

Hello Lawsuit! A couple of drunken floozies and a friend were hospitalized for liquified organs and geysering gore out of their mouths after accidentally sucking down a couple of peach martinis… laced with cleaning powder instead of sugar.