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My Computer Has Been Trapped In Lenovo’s Anti-Repair Depot For 6 Weeks

Reader Chris now says that he should have known better than to buy a Lenovo computer. He wishes that he had realized this months ago. Life is about learning from your mistakes and all, but his computer has been stranded in Lenovo’s anti-repair depot for six weeks on “billable hold” and awaiting additional parts. [More]


Samsung’s Anti-Repair Depot Still In Business, Still Not Repairing Things

Fortunately for Todd, his experience with Samsung’s anti-repair depot isn’t as bad as some we’ve heard. He just keeps sending his wife’s Chromebook in to get fixed, and they don’t repair it. He’d like to get it back so he can return it to Amazon and get a computer that actually boots up, but the anti-repair staff can’t figure out how to authorize sending him his own computer back. [More]