Decade-Old Hard Drives Languish On Walmart Store Shelves, Make Us Sad

If you’re in need of some vintage “high-capacity mobile storage,” get yourself over to the Walmart stores of Massachusetts. You can get some nice mint in package USB hard drives dating back to the early ’00s at comically high prices.

Readers Caskey and Sara, fearless Raiders of the Lost Walmart, found these priceless antiquities. The 2.5 GB drive was in two different stores, but at the same whacked-out price.


If you’re willing to sacrifice half a gigabyte and that glam hockey puck form factor, you could pick up a flash drive for five bucks instead. Maybe this would work out better if you tend to lose small objects.


These two items jumped right out at me. $79 for a 2.5 gb portable hard drive when I can get 8 gb USB thumb drives for $12?!? And the “320 glorious gigabytes” cracks me up.

You can still find Seagate drives of that size for sale, but that doesn’t mean that buying them is a wise investment. Indeed, terabyte drives are cheap.

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