Burglary Suspects Arrested After Restaurant Tells Them To Come Back Later… And They Do

The next time you’re faced with a would-be robber demanding cash, perhaps try to negotiate a more convenient time for a robbery. A restaurant in the Chicago area pulled that move when two men allegedly tried to hold up the business. Instead of handing over cash, police say the proprietor just told them to come back in an hour. Aaaaaaand they did.

Wondering what happened next? Don’t be silly — of course they were arrested upon returning later.

One customer told CBS Chicago that the place was buzzing and busy when two men showed up, and the owner appeared frazzled.

“He said one guy came and he has a gun and give me food,” said the eyewitness. “I said call 9-1-1.”

While it’s thought that the gun he mentioned was perhaps a squirt gun, it was still enough of a scary situation for the owner to believe the men would or could hurt customers.

The owner was worried about patrons and told the two suspects to come back in an hour. Once they showed up, police did their duty and arrested them for demanding food and $100.

Would-Be Robbers Arrested After Being Told To Come Back In An Hour [CBS Chicago]

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