Don’t Get All Stabby When Skipping Fellow Customers In The Drive-Thru Line At McDonald’s

When other customers are behaving badly it can be very frustrating. But we’d like to take a moment to remind you, dear readers, not to come to fisticuffs during such trying times. Or the equivalent, with knives. Knivesicuffs? In any case, cops say a woman pulled a blade on a fellow customer after he reportedly got ticked off at her for cutting (skipping, not knifing) him in the drive-thru line.

It sounds like everyone was in rare form at a Tampa, Fla. Mickey D’s one fine weekday morning. Cops say the man was already in the drive-thru line when the woman apparently tried to weasel her way in front of him, reports

So he did what many angry people do — shouted a couple of profanities in her general direction to express his ire (“No skipsies!” etc.). That didn’t go over so well, as cops say the woman got out of her car and allegedly stabbed the hood of the man’s car with a knife.

He also got out of the car and tried to remove the keys from his opponent’s vehicle, ostensibly so she couldn’t flee the scene. She did not flee. Instead of running, police say she stabbed the man right in the butt.

She was arrested at the scene and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and criminal mischief with property damage.

Fight at McDonald’s drive-thru leads to stabbing []

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