When I Finally Earned A Free Haircut, Supercuts Pulled Their Loyalty Card

notsosuperIt was only a few short months ago that John went to Supercuts for a haircut and presented his loyalty card. They happily signed it for him. He finally had enough signatures to get a free haircut after carrying around the card for years! When he showed up to redeem the card, though, he learned that the program had ended just in time for him to lose out. Why?

In 2011 I moved near a Supercuts, so I started getting my hair cut there. They offered me a card that they would sign after each haircut, and after eight cuts my ninth haircut would be free.

So for two years I carried that card around with me, and it survived several trips through the washer in my wallet.

Finally I went in today with all eight signatures filled out and I was told it had been discontinued, because they’re “trying to move towards electronic record-keeping.” I didn’t know the move to modern record-keeping technology meant breaking promises to one’s customers.

I’d love to hear their official explanation for discontinuing this with no warning. They signed my card with no comment just a couple of months ago.

It could be that the workers on the store level had no idea: local employees aren’t always told what promotions are beginning or ending at any given moment. We contacted Regis, the parent company of a lot of chain salons (including Supercuts) to find out why the card went away.

It turns out that the local store was wrong. They owe John a free ‘do.

Like many other companies, Supercuts has eliminated paper-based discount cards and is no longer accepting them. However, this guest should have received a free haircut. This was not done, and we apologize. Please know that the guest is welcome to return to his or her Supercuts with the completed card and we’ll happily redeem it for a free haircut.

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