Should An Apology Credit Make Up For The Screwed-Up Order?

Ryan and his wife wanted to munch on pizza while watching Game of Thrones, because that’s a pretty great way to pass an evening. They ordered from Domino’s, but the wrong pizzas arrived with the wrong toppings pretty late. When they complained, they received a credit for a replacement order…that didn’t replace the items they had ordered.

Why doesn’t a $25 store credit cover a $25 order? Because you can’t combine coupons with store credit at Domino’s. Ryan and Mrs. Ryan threw up their hands, and are going to solve the issue by just not ordering from Domino’s anymore.

The other night my wife and I wanted some pizza from Dominos to eat while watching Game of Thrones. We ordered from Domino’s website and waited about 45 minutes for the pizzas. When the arrived and we opened them we were slightly confused. The pizzas did not have the toppings we specified, nor were they cooked correctly. My pizza was missing cheese and toppings on about a third of the pizza, and my wife’s (we order two because we like different stuff) was a sloppy mess and nearly inedible.

We called the store and let them know of the issue and they gave us two options: wait an hour and a half for replacements or they would credit us 25 bucks to our account to replace the meal on a later date. We opted for the $25.

Fast forward a few weeks later and we are in need of some pizza so we called the store to order our typical order, knowing the 25 dollar credit is more than enough to cover it. Once the gentleman on the phone punched in out order he let us know we owed the store $4 over the $25 dollar credit. We were confused, as this was 2 $8.00 pizzas (pan pizzas) and the credit should have been more than enough to cover it.

When asked why we were being charged more for the order than last time the man on the phone said that store credit can not be combined with coupon prices(!). We were confused for multiple reasons, especially considering that the pan pizza price has nothing to do with any coupons.

I know it is only a few dollars of a difference, but I feel we deserve the product we originally paid for the first time. The man on the phone was rude and did not care when we told him to cancel the order and we would probably never use our credit.

Does this seem right to you Consumerist? Should we not be able to use our credit for the exact same order they screwed up the first time?

They could solve this problem the same way many local shops do, by crediting the customer’s account with the items rather than a set amount of money.

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