Videos: Golden Corral Employee Claims His Bosses Store Food Out By Dumpsters

Image courtesy of Golden Corral claims these ribs found out by the dumpster were never served.

Buffet chain Golden Corral is feeling the heat after this holiday weekend, when a man claiming to be an employee at a GC in Florida posted a YouTube video showing food allegedly being temporarily stored by the dumpsters while the restaurant was undergoing an inspection.

“Apparently, what my company likes to do when they get ready for inspection is put the food by the dumpsters,” says the man in the video, who explains that he has stepped outside of the restaurant while a health inspection is going on inside.

Using his cellphone camera, he walks back to the walled-in dumpster area behind the Golden Corral, where he documents multiple racks and trays of uncooked food — ribs, meat patties, pot roast — that he alleges will be wheeled back into the restaurant when the inspector has left.

“I cook this food every day and now I see what is involved,” he says in a later video that you can watch below. “As an employee here, I would not eat this stuff.”

On the Reddit thread that has resulted in this video going viral (pun intended), the employee claims that he attempted to bring this to the attention of the public and management before.

“I’m scared of my employment. I don’t know who to tell but I don’t want to cook this food,” he says in the second video. “I don’t feel safe with it. My management is gonna wheel it back into the coolers after the inspection, like nothing happened… I will show this to whoever I can to prevent any food-borne illnesses from spreading.”

Since we have no idea whether or not this food was actually taken back into the restaurant, we contacted Golden Corral HQ for comment, where a staffer says that the company is aware of the video and will be making a comment. When we hear anything from GC HQ, we’ll update this story.

UPDATE: Golden Corral has issued a statement claiming that the food in the video was thrown out and the manager involved was fired. The company also alleges that the father of the employee in the video attempted to sell the clip to the company for $5,000.

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