Crunchy Chicken Enchilada Melt Filled With Fritos Spotted At… Subway?

subwyfritosThe way to innovate now in fast food? If you’ve run out of all other ideas, just combine something like say, a taco, with snack chips. Case in point: Subway — not Taco Bell — is jumping on the chip bandwagon with a new crunchy chicken enchilada melt sandwich topped with Fritos.

Whether this has you going “Yum!” or “What in the what now?” it’s apparently a real thing, according to GrubGrade.

So there’s the chicken, which is shredded and smothered in enchilada sauce, and then there’s a bunch of cheese and oh yes, Fritos, Fritos, everywhere.

Thus far it seems to have popped up in only few places like Central Florida and Seattle, and is going for $7.50

“It was a bit of a mess, but quite delicious,” a commenter on GrubGrade’s site wrote.“It’s like a giant taco, a bit better quality than you would get from Taco Bell, but $8.”

If you see this sandwich lurking on your local Subway menu, let us know. And if you dare to take it on, mouth-wise, feel free to drop us a line as well at

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