Girl Scout Leader Accused Of Stealing More Than $10K From Troop Cookie Jar

What is it about a group of young girls selling cookies that makes people want to just (allegedly) take their money and expect to get away with it? After a spate of no-good meanies messing with the Girl Scouts, including a troop leader accused of pilfering $9,000 or so in funds, we’re met with yet another tale of cookie vice: An Ohio Troop leader was arrested recently and charged with stealing more than $10,000 in cookie money.

Either Thin Mints just drive adult to do mad, mad things or it’s just a coincidence that the Girl Scouts have had a rough 2013. In this latest case, a 32-year-old volunteer troop manager allegedly swiped $10,284.50 the troop had made during a recent cookie drive, reports Yahoo! News.

Police say she also made more than $1,700 in unauthorized cash and check withdrawals from the troop’s checking account over a period of four months.

“It was a large amount and it’s something that we don’t take lightly,” said a Girl Scouts spokeswoman. “And after several attempts to recoup that money and resolve the situation with the leader, we had to take the next appropriate steps.”

Apparently the troop leader had been the one in charge of depositing the money in the troop’s account and “made numerous promises to pay,” but promises aren’t green cash and the money allegedly never appeared in the account.

“Not only does this take money away from the troop, but it takes away money that they can use for their different activities,” the spokeswoman said. “It also takes away money that’s going back in the community for girls.”

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