Former Girl Scout Leader Accused Of Using Troop Funds To Fuel Her Car, Love Life

Okay, 2013. Seriously. What do you have against Girl Scouts? Is there a cosmic conspiracy afoot? In the latest Girl Scouts-related crime, a former troop leader in Georgia is accused of swiping troop funds to buy gas and pay for dating services. She allegedly maintained her fancy lifestyle with thousands of dollars in stolen funds.

The troop’s leaders tell Channel 2 News that the large troop of about 120 girls usually kept its bank account somewhere between $15,000 and $18,000. That money, collected by the girls by selling cookies and the like, is used for outings and trips.

“From gas to food to dating services, different things,” is where it went instead, according to a police officer on the case. She’s accused of stealing more than $9,000 from the troop, which has been disbanded since May 2012.

“She had a PayPal account hooked to the debit card and was just making her own personal purchases off of the troop account,” he added.

Some of her alleged favorite spots to spend money: Walmart, Sam’s Club, a Christian bookstore and a senior dating website.

“Dipping into the funds appeared to become an easy habit for her,” claimed one of her former co-leaders. “I continually asked to see bank statements and always got excuse after excuse. She even told me once, ‘I looked at the balance and thought there was more than that.”

Ah yes, the old “I thought there was more in there!” defense.

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