If You Need To Wash Your Floors, This Could Be The Dishwasher For You

dishwasherIf you’re up for some multi-tasking and have both dirty dishes and floors, man, has our sibling publications Consumer Reports got the dishwasher for you! They loaded up a Fagor dishwasher with dirty dishes and let it run, and five times the filter clogged with food, causing the dishwasher to add extra water that spilled out of the door.

Modern dishwashers are made to handle dishes that aren’t pre-rinsed…or they’re supposed to be. In the case of the Fagor LFA-65SS, the failsafe device that monitors the water level in most other dishwashers is under the pump instead of in the dishwasher tub, so it’s not able to monitor how much water is actually sloshing around in there. If the filter fills with food and the water doesn’t drain out, the tub overfills. By a lot. A gallon to a gallon and a half spilled out of the two models Consumer Reports tested.

Of course, if you’re in the habit of pre-rinsing your dishes, you wouldn’t have a problem with this dishwasher. (I recommend getting a dog, but some people find that method of pre-rinsing gross.)

If you keep the filter and screen meticulously clean, you shouldn’t have any flooding problems. But if you’re spending $1,000, which is the list price of this dishwasher, don’t you want one that’s more likely not to flood your house?

Want to see some hot, soapy lab-flooding action? Of course you do. Here’s the video.

Fagor dishwasher could flood your kitchen [Consumer Reports]

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