Couple Asks Random Starbucks Customers To Name Their Unborn Child

The regulars at my local Starbucks are nice people who seem like they have good taste. I would probably trust their suggestions for which new Frappuccino to try, or even their restaurant or hairdresser recommendations. I would not, however, trust them to help me make my major life decisions. Like naming my child.

And yet, a couple in Connecticut did just that. Using the same system the shop uses to vote for the barista of the month, they set up a polling station to decide between the two finalist names, Logan and Jackson. For random strangers to vote. On the name of their child.

WFSB news didn’t share the final choice, but did share some of the names that came in as write-in submissions. They will not be naming the child Latte, Hulk Hogan, or Barack Obama. Pity.

Flipping a coin also might have worked, but that wouldn’t get them on TV news.

Couple Lets Starbucks’ Customers Decide Baby’s Name [WFSB]

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