We’re All So Obsessed With Sriracha That Of Course Someone Had To Make A Documentary

While there’s no Mustard: The Movie or Citizen Ketchup, fans of Sriracha hot sauce are so totally crazy about the stuff that one devotee it has decided it’s time to immortalize the hot sauce on film. Because there’s nothing quite like seeing how things are made, as people of a certain generation may recall on certain episodes of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood (remember the one in the crayon factory?!?).

Since Huy Fong Foods started selling their version of the spicy red sauce from Thailand three decades ago, it’s made its way into the mainstream in the form of fast food sauces and potato chip flavors, among other forms of Sriracha devotion.

And now  long-time fan of Sriracha and independent filmmaker is taking the worship of the hot sauce to the next level, reports Business Insider, with a 30-minute documentary about how it’s made and the folks who love it.

“I’ve been eating it for nine or ten years now,” the 30-year-old told Business Insider of his Kickstarter campaign to fund the movie. “It’s just a really good sauce. There aren’t a lot of people I’ve talked to who don’t like it.”

Investors in the movie at the base $5 level will receive digital copies of the flick and have their names mentioned in the credits, to be forever known as the biggest fans of Sriracha that ever were. Part of the buzz about Sriracha is claiming you love it more than anyone else anyway, right?

Now, enjoy Mr. Rogers:

Sriracha Fans Will Go Crazy For A New Documentary About The Beloved Condiment [Business Insider]

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