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Which Is Worse To Get Caught Drunk Eating On Video: Styrofoam Or Chips Off A Train’s Floor?

There’s something about today that is bringing in evidence of some behavior we’ve all likely been guilty of: Eating while drunk and feeling like whatever you’re consuming is just the best darn [insert preferred drunk food/cheese] you’ve ever ingested. But in the two videos the Internet has dumped ashore today, we’re pretty sure these people take that guilty pleasure to new heights. [More]

Add your own ice cream.

Birthday Cake M&Ms Are Coming So You Can Have Your Cake And Eat Your Candy, Too

Whether you see your birthday as yet another inevitable reminder of your mortality or a joyous day made for celebrating all things you, there’s always the fact that you get to eat birthday cake to mark the occasion. Because cake takes the sting out of/adds extra glory to this day, some might wish that every day could be birthday cake day. And it can be. Or rather, birthday cake-flavored M&Ms day. [More]

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Could The Delightful Scent Of Chocolate Wafting Through The Air Save Bookstores?

Bring on the chocolate wallpaper, chocolate fans and delicious chocolate fountains: A new study says shoppers are in a more personable, interested mood when the scent of chocolate is in the air at a bookstore. Researchers say there’s something about the smell of chocolate that entices them to look at the merchandise more and perhaps read what it’s about, and also talk to the employees in the store after a nice, leisurely browsing session. [More]


We’re All So Obsessed With Sriracha That Of Course Someone Had To Make A Documentary

While there’s no Mustard: The Movie or Citizen Ketchup, fans of Sriracha hot sauce are so totally crazy about the stuff that one devotee it has decided it’s time to immortalize the hot sauce on film. Because there’s nothing quite like seeing how things are made, as people of a certain generation may recall on certain episodes of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood (remember the one in the crayon factory?!?). [More]