Chicago Tickets Man In June For Shoveling Snow Into Street In March

It’s one thing if the city immediately gives you a ticket for improperly shoveling your snow into the street; you could take photos to challenge the citation and document your side of the story. But when that ticket comes in June, what are you supposed to do?

This is the question being asked by a man in Chicago who says he recently received his first ticket for a March 6 incident, in which he allegedly pushed snow off his sidewalk and into the street outside the commercial building he owns.

“How do you come after somebody for snow in June?” the man, who has a court date in July, asks Chicago’s WBBM radio. “The evidence is already gone.”

The man could face fines ranging from $600 to $2,500, along with the possibility of jail time, though that is (we hope) unlikely.

“I don’t know, if I gotta do some hard snow time that’s gonna be tough,” he jokes.

In addition to taking issue with the belated issuing of the ticket, the man claims he would be stupid to shovel snow into the street because the snow plows would simply put it right back on his sidewalk again.

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