Mommy, This Orange Juice Tastes Funny––Because It’s A Mimosa

Image courtesy of (Chris Rief aka Spodie Odie)

It seemed that the nation’s restauranteurs tightened up their standards and found ways to not serve spiked drinks to children. 2011-2012 was a landmark period of Booze 4 Kids, but we haven’t heard any reports of the phenomenon in exactly one year. Until a restaurant in Rochester, N.Y. decided to serve up mimosas instead of orange juice.

When a family heard their 7-year-old daughter complain that her orange juice tasted funny during a Sunday brunch, the mother tried it, found it perfectly fine, and they dismissed it. Then other kids nearby began to complain of funny-tasting OJ, too. Turns out that the chidren had all been served mimosas, an adult brunch concoction of orange juice and champagne.

It happened to be the restaurant’s very first Sunday brunch, so they evidently weren’t used to having boozy juice around. The family who spoke to TV station WHAM claimed that their three daughters acted drunk, slept away Sunday once they got home, and seemed hung over the following morning. “That’s not good enough for parents having kids, drunk and sleeping all day. It’s not fair,” their father told the station. The family has no plans to sue, but wanted an apology and assurance that there would be no more boozy brunches for children in the future.

The restaurant owner assured the TV station and the family that they will actually label the juice containers from here out, which raises the question of why they didn’t do that to begin with. The owner also offered the family a refund.

(Here’s something weird: our last post on this subject was June 5, 2012. What’s with that?)

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