Tequila-Spiked Smoothies Served To Trio Of Children At Chili's

Someone at a Chili’s in Colorado made a big oopsy over the holiday weekend by serving up three fruit smoothies loaded with tequila to a trio of youngsters.

The kids’ mom noticed something was amiss when her 8-year-old daughter began singing a medley of David Allan Coe songs complaining of dizziness. Mom took a sip of the smoothie, which she tells the local NBC affiliate was “loaded full of tequila…. If I would have had one then I know that would have been strong for me, and I can’t imagine how strong that was for them.”

She notified restaurant management and EMTs were called. Thankfully, nobody had to go to the hospital, though mom says her daughter did pass out during the fireworks show later that evening.

From 9news.com:

According to police, the drinks were poured into kid’s cups, so police believe there could be a level of negligence there. Police also mentioned that the server should have noticed the mistake, seeing as it was during peak hours at the business. No one has been officially charged.

In a statement to the TV station, Chili’s HQ says it is taking this situation “very seriously”
and that it is conducting its own investigation.

For its part, the family says it hasn’t decided whether or not they will press charges against Chili’s.

Regardless, considering the number of stories in recent months about kids being served spiked drinks at family restaurants, mom and dad might want to steal a sip of their kids’ drinks first. Who knows, maybe you’ll score a free margarita out of the deal.

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Thanks to Miss Dev for the tip!

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