Mother Claims 4-Year-Old Served Boozy Mudslide Instead Of Milkshake At Chili's

There might be something wrong when a 4-year-old child doesn’t want to finish a chocolate milkshake. A mother in Chicago claims that her daughter didn’t want to finish her shake at Chili’s because it was actually the sweet, boozy chocolaty concoction known as a Mudslide. The child was diagnosed with alcohol ingestion overdose, but did she take in the booze at Chili’s?

The mother told NBC Chicago:

“She (waitress) tried to take the drink and leave the shake and I said no, leave the drink and go get your manager. And that’s when I pulled out my camera phone and I took pictures. And after I took the pictures, I called the police.”

She filed a police report. The restaurant is investigating the incident, but does not agree with the family’s version of events.

This is the third incident in recent weeks where a family has accused a chain restaurant of accidentally serving alcohol to a small child. The other restaurants accused were a Florida Olive Garden and a Michigan Applebee’s.

Chili’s Accused of Serving 4-Year-Old Girl Liquor [NBC Chicago] (Thanks, finalburden!)

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