Hey, Fans Of Canned Wine! Spirit Airlines Has Some Great News For You

Lest you think that Spirit Airlines had finally run out of ways to cut corners, think again. The carrier known for charging fees here, there and everywhere has found another way to keep costs down, this time in the form of canned wine.

While the cans of wine are larger than the Sutter Home bottles it currently serves (and will continue to offer) at 250 milliliters compared to 187 milliliters, the cans of white moscato or strawberry moscato won’t give you quite the same buzz. The canned wine is 6% alcohol by volume while Sutter Home is 13%, reports the Associated Press.

The cans are easier to stack and store in planes and — here’s the kicker — weigh less, which cuts down on the total weight of planes and will ostensibly help Spirit save money on fuel.

But we know what you’re thinking — wine in a can? Is that going to taste like something customers want to drink? That’ll be up to you, but some passengers are already skeptical.

“My wine consumption stops at a plastic bottle,” one flier told the AP. “I just don’t want that metallic taste in my mouth.”

When it comes right down to it, though, Spirit has customers in a high-altitude corner.

“People adapt,” CEO Ben “We’re The Dollar Store Of The Sky” Baldanza said. “Your choices at 30,000 feet are pretty limited.”

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