This Burger Has Deep-Fried Lasagna Slices For Buns

omg_burgerAmericans have turned a number of things into glorious, glorious buns for our burgers and sandwiches, like grilled cheese sandwiches and pieces of fried chicken. This week, the restaurant PYT in Philadelphia has deep-fried slices of lasagna to use as hamburger buns in their aptly named “Lasagna-Bun Burger.”

What is in this thing?

Two thick slices of deep-fried mozzarella & ricotta lasagna are your bun. Meatball-seasoned juicy beef patty. Topped with provolone and house made marinara. Served with Italian-Parm fries.

We expect no less from an establishment that also serves Krispy Kreme sliders and a hot dog topped with grilled lobster.

Say hello to the “Lasagna-Bun Burger”, PYT’s new Burger of the Week. [PYT]

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