Girl Scout Troop Could Go To Collections After Accidentally Ordering 500 Cases Of Cookies

UPDATE: Gosh, but we love happy news around here — after the story of the Girl Scout Troop in danger of going to collections over a cookie debt made its rounds, a donor has since swooped in to save them. And ostensibly, has ended up with a delicious reward for doing so.

KENS 5 News updated its earlier story saying that an anonymous donor had purchased the remaining 49 boxes of cookies less 24 hours after the news first hit. This means the troop is no longer on the line for $2,147.70. Whew.


As the ancient Babylonian proverb goes: what difference a word makes. Especially when dealing with Girl Scout cookies, as a San Antonio troop learned the very hard way when a troop leader accidentally ordered 500 cases of cookies instead of simply 500 boxes of cookies. At 12 boxes of cookies per box, that’s a whopper of word mix-up.

The troop is now racing to sell as many boxes of cookies as it can out of those 6,000 boxes, as it’s facing a debt of $2,147.70, reports KENS 5 News. According to a letter from the Girl Scouts organization, if the troop doesn’t pay up by June 3, the debt will go to a collections agency.

In order for all those boxes to find a new home, each girl in the troop would have to sell 1,200 boxes each. So far, one mom says the troop managed to hand off 200 cases to other troops and has been going nuts selling cookies. There are now 49 cases left to sell, as of yesterday. (If you live in the area and still want cookies, check out the number in the source link below)

Meanwhile, the chief development and communications officer at Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas is encouraging the troop to call the product sales office to work things out.

“We really want to make sure that we’re there to support all of our members,” she said.

The troop leader has since resigned, and two members dropped out, ostensibly over the pressure of having to sell like crazy.

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