Look Out: Dog Food Shrink Ray In Progress


Reader Beltran noticed this shrink raying in progress at a Tops store. Oh, Iams dog food wasn’t staying the exact same price while shaving off a few ounces (or pounds, as the case is here): they’re trickier than that. Instead, like a less extreme example of the Baker’s chocolate shrinkage that we brought you on Friday, the sticker price is a little lower, but the price per pound for the food rises slightly.

Update: as an alert kibble connoisseur pointed out to us, these shelf tags actually represents slightly different lines within the Iams brand. One, the Healthy Naturals, is being discontinued, but is the “ProActive Health” line on the right replacing it?

Unless you catch the sale before June 9th or before it sells out. Then you get a lower price.

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