Restaurant With Ridiculous List Of Line Cook Requirements Says It Was All A Joke

Last week we, and line cooks everywhere, were shocked, just shocked that a restaurant would advertise on Craigslist for a position by listing 44 insane requirements for the job. Things like “you always show up for work, even if sick as a dog. Let the chef see that you’re really sick and send you home” had the Internets in an uproar — but according to the restaurant’s manager, it was all just a silly joke.

Yahoo! Shine spoke to the general manager, who says the text was copied and pasted from a blog post on And whaddya know — the listed items match up.

“I absolutely agree that the ad was way out of line,” the manager said in an email. “We employ over 50 associates and order our food and supplies from over two dozen local farms and companies. Trust me when I say that we do everything we can to support the local community, and our staff as well.”

So why would any staff member decide to go through with a job posting that would appear very much real? Just for funsies, it seems, as it wasn’t sanctioned by the management.

“He did this without upper management or owner’s approval,” the manager says of the sous chef who he says did the copying and pasting. “It does not reflect our chef/owner’s requirements and does not represent our usual job postings which are much more general.”

The ad was pulled as soon as management noticed it, a few hours later. The manager does admit that it’s still not okay for employees to be, ahem, “sick” on a regular basis.

“Sick associates are most often just hungover, so it is our policy that the managers decide if they cannot work,” he explained. “Although we do run a tight ship and a very professional kitchen, I promise you our staff enjoys themselves while they are here (at least as much as someone can while working).”

While it can be amusing to poke fun at big, bad, evil bosses, we’re pretty relieved that at least in this case, it doesn’t appear to be true.

Restaurant Claims Demanding Want Ad Is a Joke [Yahoo! Shine]

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