Punching A Cashier In The Face Won’t Make A Free Ice Cream Coupon Any Less Expired

Not the ice cream in question. (Morton Fox)

Not the ice cream in question. (Morton Fox)

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times: staying calm and reasonable will get you so much farther than getting all violent and punchy. Although it’s still all in the Land of Alleged, police say a Long Island man punched a Carvel worker in the face after she refused to honor his expired coupon for a free ice cream cone. Sigh.

According to a report on MyFoxNY.com, the 59-year-old man ordered up the $3.50 cone yesterday and handed over a “one free ice cream cone” coupon to the cashier.

But as the coupon was expired, the worker informed him he’d have to pay for it. Instead, he left the store. She confronted him outside and police say he then punched her several times in the face.

When the cops showed up the man allegedly refused to be handcuffed and put up a fuss before he was finally arrested and charged with robbery and resisting arrest.

Should the cashier have decided it was okay to give him the free cone anyway, despite the expired coupon? Maybe, maybe not — that’s a judgement call that some cashiers just don’t feel free to make. The fact of the matter is that it was expired, but perhaps if he’d asked nicely — you know, without (allegedly) swinging his fists — he could’ve still avoided getting arrested over a few scoops of ice cream.

Long Island man punches ice cream cashier for not taking coupon, police say [MyFoxNY.com]

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