Would You Get A Tattoo Of Your Employer’s Logo?



Some tattoo fans (not all, obviously) believe that tattooing the name of your beloved on your body dooms your relationship. It’s the same with matching tattoos. But what about your relationship with your workplace? Does getting matching tattoos with your colleagues doom your career and guarantee a layoff? One New York City real estate brokerage hopes not. They offered agents a 15% raise if they got a company logo tattoo.

“36 agents have gotten tattoos of our logo (so far)! Talk about marketing — they’re walking billboards!” the company tweeted along with the photo that accompanies this post. It’s worth noting that the company operates on a franchise model, and agents are paid through commissions, so this is less of a “employee loyalty” thing than a “boosting your earnings” thing. Brokers can earn six-figure incomes, making this one profitable tattoo.

(via Nearly 40 Employees Tattoo Their Bodies To Get A Raise (Thanks, GitEmSteveDave!)

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